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Therapy sessions are crucial to creative success

Therapy sessions are crucial to creative success

I’ve never been one for sitting around singing Kumbaya and sharing my feelings. Emotional evacuations I can find a touch nauseating. Equally, I feel one thing the marketing and creative industry does really well is fill its time with pointless, somewhat egotistical, meetings.

However, having just emerged from my monthly team ‘retrospective’ (I refuse to call it a ‘sharing’ session) I have indeed seen the light.

My rather fabulous senior project manager, Jess Keeling, came to me some months ago suggesting a meeting where the whole team would share positives and negatives. Fearing this would descend into a chaotic outpouring of mad demands ranging from more vegan goods in the kitchen to ‘lets get a company yoga trainer’, I was naturally sceptical of the idea.

However, I have been astonished by the sensible suggestions and quite touched by the level of passion and pride each individual brought to the meeting.

These sessions have become important points in time to benchmark and to set in place future improvements. The success of these meetings is due to there being an actual structure:

  • Each session starts with a review of what actions from the prior meeting have been completed and the resulting impact
  • Everyone shares three positives and negatives
  • There should be clear examples and context around each positive and negative
  • If a debate ensues around a particular reflection, then an action must be drafted
  • Each session closes with a review of the actions ahead, ownership and deadlines
  • Everyone holds hands and breathes awkwardly (optional)
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