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April 2017

Are PRs wasting too much time at work?

We bloody love a meeting in agency world, most don’t have an agenda and few have any real purpose.

Marketing Week, 10th April 2017


February  2017

PR Spotlight: John Brown, Hotwire 

We live in the age of immediacy and as audiences demand a better communications experience, brands are having to react quicker than before.

Vuelio, 28th February 2017


January  2017

How to fight fake news

The most powerful tool in the PRO’s arsenal is transparency. Proactively showcasing the truth can be a potent antidote should the poison of fake news

PR Moment, 24th January 2017


Will 2017 be a bad year for PR?

2017 will be the year we’re about to have another cluster of organisations start nibbling at our lunch, and these guys have big appetites.

PR Moment, 4th January 2017


November 2016

Facebook takes the lead in B2B thought leadership

Any comms professional, in-house or otherwise, ignoring Facebook as a channel are being either myopic or outright ignorant. To say that it’s a social media platform just for consumers is utterly missing the point.

Gorkana, 17th November 2016


October 2016

Will AI have a greater impact on comms than social?

Automated content will be the first real step towards marketing teams utilising artificial intelligence effectively. With the rise of bots, we’re scratching the surface and we’re definitely going to be going through a learning curve where there’s going to be an awful lot of terrible content and painful interactions as we start fumbling around in the AI world.

Gorkana, 21st October 2016


The arrival of Facebook at Work

What Facebook is trying to do is own everyone’s entry point to the Internet. For rest and play, they already do this, but they struggle with owning that space while you are working. You can now easily switch between accounts so it’s designed to maintain dwell time on the platform.

CorpComms Magazine, 12th October 2016


September 2016

Integrated Live with John Brown

Emotion is king. Content without emotion is like breaking wind at a dinner party, people notice but no one thanks you for it.

Digital Marketing Magazine, 30th September 2016