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It’s always been about content, dummy.

It’s always been about content, dummy.

We bloody love a label in PR. Until, of course, it silos us away from budgets and then we work hard to shed that label and replace it with a shiny one.

Just take a look at what’s happening with ‘content marketing’ vs ‘media relations’. You can hear the industry audibly sweating in its efforts to shed its media relations shroud and replace it with a content marketing anorak.

Today, the CIPR has exploded with joy at the ‘rise of content’ as its latest report into the state of the PR industry shows that 81% of respondents said that content creation was the most common thing they spent their time doing.

For me, this poses another question.

What the hell was everyone doing before?

We’ve been creating excellent content long before it became fashionable to tell people that we were doing it.

The very act of desperately trying to now associate ourselves with ‘content marketing’ devalues the years of industry experience we have in outstanding content creation and distribution.

Instead the message should be ‘oh you’re interested in content all of a sudden? Why not speak to the industry that has been relying on audience engagement through creating quality content since its inception’.

We’ve not had the luxury of buying space and shoving content down people’s throats. Our industry had to do proper old school research to understand audiences, not just use search insight to develop content themes.

We know this content stuff better than anyone else.

Let’s get some swagger behind this rather spend our time telling everyone how we’re ‘evolving’ into content creation.

We should be evolving beyond it.

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